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This website is for the Patriot Guard of KANSAS.
The Patriot Guard is not a protest or counter-protest group or political group.
Our mission is to attend Fallen Hero funeral services as invited guests.


August 2021

Sixteen years ago in July 2005 during the war on terrorism, we established the Patriot Guard Fallen Hero Funeral mission at American Legion Post 136, Mulvane Kansas.

The Patriot Guard was honored to be invited to support the final farewells of Kansas Fallen Heroes.

We recommend that you contact your local American Legion Post to request support. The American Legion is a Veterans Service Organization with a century-old mission to support past and present veterans, veteran-related holiday activities, and community events.

We extend sincere appreciation and thanks to those who volunteered and supported Fallen Hero funeral missions. The families of our Fallen Heroes are forever grateful that you were there for them.

God bless all who have served and protected us - both military and local services - and God bless the United States of America!

The Patriot Guard

kansas patriot guard, kansas patriot guard, kansas patriot guard