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Letter From Benjamin Smith


My name is Ben Smith. I was a close friend of Chad Marsh. I met him in '98 in 6th grade when I moved to Kansas. Sadly I moved away in '03 back to PA where I am now. I got to see Chad in '05 when I came out for a friends funeral.

I wasn't able to make it to Chad's funeral funds are tight. I'm hoping to save up the money soon to go see his site. What I wanted to say is I really thank each and everyone of the Patriot Riders for being there Monday...
After the Service I had so many friends Message me on myspace telling me how beautiful the service was and how many of you guys showed up. One told me the guys that were at the service Saluted him... I broke down and cried when I heard all this. Then again when I saw the first picture of his casket.

Main point is, I want to thank you all not just for being at Chad's funeral but any others you and other patriot riders nation wide. You all are doing a great thing for what you are doing. I'm not a religious man , agnostic, but if I was I'd say God has a special place for all of you in heaven.

Again I want to thank you for being at Chad's funeral.

Benjamin D. Smith