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Patriot Guard/ALR

Letter From Frank and Lois Bailey

Hello Maria and Patriot Guard members,


My husband and I were in Newton yesterday and saw your group gathering at the Ramada Inn motel.  We had seen news clips on TV about the great things you do for veterans and their families, so we were anxious to see the real thing.  One of the riders was willing to talk to us and explain your mission for yesterday, so we stayed and observed.
It was an honor and a thrill for us to be observers.  We had found a spot across the street from the cemetery and were able to stand outside the car and hold our hands across our hearts as the procession moved down First Street and into the cemetery. 
This was an awesome experience and we just wanted to say Thanks for all you do for others.
Frank and Lois Bailey
410 Grandview Ave
Florence, Kansas 66851