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Letter from Braden Harrison

Son of Colonel James W. Harrison, Jr.


Patriot Guard:

I just wanted to email and express my gratitude and thanks for the fine
men and women that make up your organization. It is nice to know that
there are people out there will to sacrifice their time to ensure that
the sanctity of memorials and funerals is protected from people that
spew a message of hate, the WBC. I recently had the privilege to meet
the fine members of your organization from the State of Kansas. My
father, Col. James W. Harrison Jr. was killed in Afghanistan on May 6,
2007. When we went to meet my dad's body at the airport almost 100
Patriot Guard met us there to escort it to the funeral home, where they
waited outside. The following day they lined the streets of Leavenworth
with the American Flag during the viewing and then for the funeral they
escorted the body onto the fort, and then lined the last 100 yards of
the walk to the committal shelter with the American Flag. I was deeply
touched by the caring and compassion of these men and women. You are
the true meaning of the word patriot, and with that I thank you. God
Bless you all and continue to do what you do, it makes a lot of families
feel proud that their loved ones are so respected by people they never met.

With Great Sincerity,

Braden Harrison