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Thank You Notes from

Steve Jablonsky and Robert Crain

Nov 2007
This is regarding the ride this past Saturday for RE: PATRIOT GUARD MISSION ALERT!!!  SGT Jeffery S. Mersman
I have a friend in the Air National Guard who lives right there in Gardner, right by where I sometimes work as well, and knew that he would want to be there if he could. Should anyone ever have a second thought that the efforts are not appreciated I wanted to post his comments here.
Thanks again for all you do. I have seen several know and it brings a tremendous sense of pride to my heart. Thanks again and here are Robert's comments:

We went on Saturday and there were at least 300 bikes.  It was quite a sight.  I took the family out and stood by the road near the firehouse and held the flag while they passed by.  If that situation comes again, I am going to be sure to push more of the people I know to get out there and take a few minutes of their day to honor a fallen soldier.  There were a lot of people in town that could have come out for a few minutes.


Robert Crain, AICP

Senior Project Planner|  BWR

903 East 104th Street, Suite 900| 

Kansas City, Missouri  64131

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