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Note From Jeff "skid" Kirkbride

Regarding his first Special Mission

June 10, 2007
I recently signed up to ride on missions, as my way to give back. I got the chance Saturday, June 9th for a special mission for a home coming in Winfield, KS. I was kinda nervous, kinda excited, and worried about the other riders. Things like, will I fit in?  Am I okay to ride with these groups?  All this silly stuff running through my mind... Well, when I rode up, I saw some people I knew, which was great for me.  I parked my bike in line, jumped off, and started to the people I knew. Along the way most of the other riders met with open hands to shake and introductions. I felt better about riding, I was accepted. Now it was time to saddle up for the ride, and some time had elapsed from the time I got there till this moment. I went to fire up my bike, and nothing. The battery was dead. Other riders tried to push start it, and nothing. The line waited for me as long as they could, but they had to go to the park. Talk about being embarrassed, I wanted to crawl under a rock. I was by myself, trying to push my bike by myself to get it started. I looked up after some time, and here came some riders.  They came back to help. One had gone home and grabbed his truck, with cables to give me a jump. I was glad to see them. They came back to help me! We got the bike started, and went on down to the Ark City Ride and Shine fund raiser, and the day ended as best as it could. My first ride with the Patriot Guard/ALR wasn't what I expected to be, it became more for me personally. I found people who cared, and asked for nothing in return, these are true friends.

Thank you,

Jeff "Skid" Kirkbride

Thanks for the mail Jeff. I have said this for years "I feel very privileged to belong to such a fine group of people as the ALR, who formed the Patriot Guard which has attracted such Patriotic individuals such as yourself."     

 It was nice meeting you yesterday. Sorry I couldn't help push (bad knee). Glad to hear you were taken care of.  Ride Safe!

Thanks for your participation, look forward to seeing you again. 

 Cregg Hansen ( Bronco 6 ) Dept. ALR Chairman