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Letter From MSG Jennifer Callender

To all our Patriot Guards,
I would like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Without you the Marsh family and I would have not made it this far.  Coming off of emergency leave on 16 Feb and getting the call to duty on 17 Feb for the Marsh family was a lot to handle.  I lost two family members in one week and then an extended family member (SPC Marsh) right after I just don't know what I would have done without all of you.  The load was heavy but God ensured that I found you and ask for your assistance for the family.  You came in 100s when the call went up and Thousands answered the call to support the Marsh family.  People continue to ask me how did I stand up and I told them God sent me some Angels and my load didn't seem so heavy anymore. 
I would like to ride with someone on Saturday to support SSG Berrys' family.  I can't drive a bike but I can hold on tight and be with the Patriot Guard since now I AM ONE OF YOU.  Please let me know if someone has room for me to ride and I will be there.   My email is suga716@yahoo.com.
If I am call to deploy again I can say that when I close my eyes I want to see my family(Philander, Xavier and Jaiden) and the many, many, Patriot Guards that I saw during the service of SPC Chad Marsh this will help me get through the months of deployment and to know that we have someone who is supporting the SOLDIERS and their FAMILIES during these difficult times.  I can truly say I LOVE EACH ONE OF YOU FOR ALL THAT YOU DO.  And your families for their understanding and support with your many missions. 
Master Sergeant Jennifer Callender
(Your New Patriot Guard)