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Thank You Note from Jody Liebmann

Sept 2007

Hey Maria and gang,

I know it’s been a few months since you and your crew led my best friend, Kristy McCanny and her daughter (also my daughter’s best friend) Sabin’s procession.  I felt the need to reach out and say “THANKS”.  (which, truly is not enough)  Words cannot represent the feelings that I had watching the flags and bikes riding in their honor.  How awesome!!  We know how wonderful Kristy and Sabin were but you represented them in such a way that no one else could.

I guess what brought me to the realization of what you do, was seeing the Patriot Guard sticker on the back window of another vehicle. I live in the ATL, Georgia area and have found myself behind the same vehicle several times on my way to work.  I saw the Patriot Guard sticker and realized they too ride in honor of our heroes and it causes me to think of each one of you each time I see it. 

It has to be one of the most fabulous things to remember, considering what everyone has been going through.  In their last moments they were represented by the utmost people that anyone could ask for.

I think you are uplifting and wonderful by leading the loved ones to their heroes’ final resting place.  Please don’t stop what you do!   

With total respect,

Jody Liebmann