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Fallen Soldier Mission Accomplished:
In Memory of
US Army Spc Chad Marsh
US Army Specialist Chad E. Marsh, 20 years old, of Wichita, Kansas was killed in action 18 February 2007 in Baghdad, Iraq of wounds when a grenade launch by the enemy landed in his combat Humvee while his unit was conducting combat operations.  Chad was a gunner on the Humvee and supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom in the war on terrorism for the United States of America.  Chad was assigned to the 1st Battalion, 26th Infantry Regiment, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, Ist Infantry Division.  "The Big Red One"   "Prepared and Loyal, Sir!!
Specialist Marsh's mother, brother, Aunt, Uncle, and family members, have invited the Patriot Guard as their guests at the funeral services in Wichita, KS. and to the Full Military Graveside services in Coldwater, Kansas.  The mother said Chad was a ROTC Cadet and joined the Army while still in high school at Northwest.  After graduation he went to serve in Iraq September 2006.  She said he was a very good kid and describe him as "One of a Kind"  
Chad was posthumously promoted from Private First Class to Specialist. 
Chad fought and died to protect his families, his fellow-soldiers in his unit, our families and our freedom. 
If you can, please make this mission to show your respect and support his family and honor this Fallen Soldier
God Bless Chad and the Marsh family.
Wichita International Airport Escort   Bring your motorcycle flag poles and flag to display Flag Honor Guard 
On Saturday, 24 February 2007, the Patriot Guard gathered at Wichita Mid-Continent Airport to meet the jet bringing Spc. Chad Marsh home to Wichita.  The jet arrived at 13:00 in Wichita.  Chad's mother, members of the Marsh family, ROTC members, and a US Army Honor military escort from Fort Riley, were present at the arrival.  Riders escorted the hearse and family to the mortuary.  Approximately 120 motorcycles and additional automobiles escorted the hearse. 
We had the honor of meeting Chad's military escort, SSgt. Newland, who flew from Germany to escort Chad home.  He served with Chad in Iraq, and they became best friends.  SSgt Newland was Chad's platoon sergeant.  He is a US Army combat soldier, and was wounded 04 December, 2006.  He was recuperating in an Army hospital in Germany when Chad was killed.
We extend our thanks to MSgt Callender, the Military Family Casualty Officer, for assisting the family and facilitating the escort.  Many thanks go to area ALR/PG members who made it a priority to ride escort for Chad and his family.
God bless Chad's mother, Janet, and the entire Marsh family.
Mission completed at 15:30, 24 February 2007.
The picture was provided by Bob Dashiell.  Thanks, Bob - great picture.

Monday, 26 February 2007, approximately 120 motorcycles, plus 20 or more automobiles, converged in Wichita, KS to pay tribute to US Army Spc. Chad Marsh.  Groups came from all over Kansas for the funeral and burial services. 
Early in the morning, the Patriot Guard was escorted by Wichita Police to the church where we stood guard for Chad and his family.  This was a full military honors funeral, with honor guard provided by Fort Riley soldiers, which included the 1st Armored Division and the 1st Infantry Division.  Chad was a member of the famed "Blue Spaders", which is the 1st Battalion, 26th Infantry Regiment, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, of the 1st Infantry Division.  At least a dozen of his unit from Iraq were present at the service, plus several high-ranking officers attended, including a Brigadier General of the 1st Infantry Division.
The motorcycle honor guard flying all colors escorted the hearse from the mortuary to the church.  The Patriot Guard provided an avenue of flags at the church.  After the service the Patriot Guard lined up for the escort to Coldwater, KS.  Approximately 65-70 bikes made the trip.  Along the route we stopped at designated staging areas and picked up additional riders at Harper and Medicine Lodge.  When we arrived at Coldwater cemetery the procession was five and a half miles long.  That included the hearse, the family and friends, citizens of the community, and the Patriot Guard.  We counted over 150 bikes.  Western Kansas Patriot Guard was well-represented, and they brought over 200 flags and lined the cemetery before our arrival.  School students and citizens of Coldwater also held the flagpoles at the cemetery.  We provided a perimeter of flags surrounding the gravesite as the full military honors were bestowed.  Charles Lies, bagpiper, played "Amazing Grace" after the 21-gun salute and Taps.  Thank you, Charles.
The route from Wichita to Coldwater went through several small towns, and the communities showed their support everywhere.  School children and adults lined the streets, waving flags as the procession passed.  It is so heartwarming to see that kind of community support.  The family told us they were overwhelmed with gratitude as they observed each community show its support.  It softened the pain they were feeling over the loss of Chad.
After the service, the Coldwater Veterans Center provided dinner for all Patriot Guard.
The Patriot Guard sincerely thanks all the law enforcement agencies involved in this mission.  They provided escort from city to city, county to county, all the way to Coldwater.  Their efforts to ensure our safe travel were outstanding.  We also thank the generous citizens of Coldwater who provided food.  From Wichita to Coldwater, the citizens opened their arms to the Patriot Guard and made us feel like family, in the same manner that we opened our arms to the Marsh family.
I extend my personal thanks to the Patriot Guard Road Guards and all Captains.  You made this a safe mission for everyone involved.  I also thank each and every person who supported the Patriot Guard mission for Spc. Marsh.  Thank you for all the teamwork.  "Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much."
The Patriot Guard extends our gratitude to all the soldiers, who like Spc. Chad Marsh, guard America's front battle line.  We, the Patriot Guard, are guarding their "back" here in the U.S.  Because of our soldiers, America remains free.  God bless the Marsh family, and God bless all our soldiers.
26 February 2007