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Thank You Note from Judy and Lex McClean

July 2007

We were leaving Andover this past Monday morning and observed all of the motorcycles gathering in one of the shopping centers here in Andover.  I had read in the newspaper that Cpl. Eric Palmer’s funeral service was to be this Tuesday morning at the Catholic church here in Andover.

It was such an awesome sight to see all of the motorcycles lined up along Andover Road with our American flag on each of the motorcycles honoring this fallen soldier.  As I was in the grocery store later that day, I stopped and said a quiet “thank you” to him and all of the other soldiers that are fighting, and have fought for our freedom.  (The freedom to shop whenever and wherever I want and have the food available.)

Thank you Patriot Guard for all that you do for the soldiers and their families.  I know that God will truly bless you for all that you are doing.

I’m truly sorry that our local newspapers, TV stations, etc. decided not to give this beautiful sight little coverage.

Again, please accept our “Thanks” for all that you.


Lex and Judy McClean

306 W. 8th Andover

Andover, KS 67002