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Note and Pictures From Mindy Saindon

Currently Serving in Iraq

June 6, 2007

Mindy says "Please let everyone know I said hi and miss them!  Take care and God bless!!"

I'm sending you all a couple pics that were taken within the last couple days.  The first is a picture of the back of my helmet.  I wear my Patriot Guard patch and a patch that has the Kansas flag on it whenever I fly. 




The second is a picture of me at Cross Sabers.   If you look at the picture, it appears that there are two hands gripping sabers that cross, hence the same.  There are two set of these cross sabers.  In the picture that was taken, I was in the second aircraft that landed in between these two sets of cross sabers.  They are one of the more famous statues that Saddam built when he was in power. 






The next picture is a picture of me in the aircraft, you can tell its me really easy...lol. 






The last picture is a picture of me standing next to the aircraft with my weapon.  Well, that's all I have for now, I will send more pictures as a I get them.  Love you all!!

Mindy :)