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Thank You Note from Kaye Pyle

Nov 2007
I was able to see you guys in action for the first time on Wednesday at Sgt. Kruse' funeral. I have always heard of you (my boyfriend/:marine, is a huge fan) and what you do but I must say after seeing you with my own eyes, i am now a huge fan. you guys have recharged my American pride battery and that to me is priceless. to drive by and see American flags covering the entire street was such a sight! i had a lump in my throat, my eyes were watering and I was speechless. finally as we drove away, i said to my dad who is retiring out of the marines/army w/ over 32 years , "those guys don't have to do that". that's what makes you so great. you don't get anything out of it, especially not the credit you deserve. it is going to be my mission to make sure that everybody I know knows you. I have put out many emails and bulletins on myspace to tell everybody to look on your website and get to know you. letting them know that one of these days, w/o even asking you may be protecting the funeral of one of their loved ones. I have looked on myspace (which is a huge thing for younger people) for a link to you guys.  It seems like these days, American pride isn't instilled in kids the way my parents drilled it into us. anyway, I just wanted to thank you again for making it over to Dodge and doing such a wonderful job. many cars slowed down and took in the sight of the guard and I am just hoping that their batteries were charged the way mine was!

Thank you and I hope you had time to have a nice Thanksgiving!
Kaye  Pyle