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Letter to Rhonda From Randy Malone's Father

Subject:  Our Thanks
Thanks, and I would appreciate you forwarding this message to all that took part in the welcome home event.
Thanks and God bless each one that participated in the "Welcome Home" event/ceremony on behalf of our son Randy Malone. It was easy to see that much preparation and love went into the event.
Randy's Mother and I will forever hold in our hearts the wonderful experience and emotion we felt when the wonderful men and women of the Legion Riders begin to drive into the neighborhood where Randy lives. It was easy to see the love and patriotism and the gratitude shown toward our Son. When the Welcome Home banner was presented, it was a very moving experience that will stay with us for the rest of our lives.
Please know how much this Preacher and Preacher's wife deeply love and appreciate the wonderful act of love we saw in this wonderful group. Teresa and I consider our Son a Hero, and its good to see that he lives amongst a lot of Hero's in the Wichita/Derby/Mulvane area.
May God bless each one that makes up this group, and may God bless what you do for those precious Military Men and Women that stand and defend our values all over the world.
In God's Service,
Gary & Teresa Malone

Gary Malone
Landmark Baptist Church
Forrest City, Arkansas