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Letter from Richard "Stubs" Soden

I would like to thank everyone that I have met since the ALR and
the K.P.G. have been formed.  It has helped me get to know some
fine people.
I know it has helped a lot of Veterans get out and talk to people
that they just couldn't talk to before.  It's a hard way for us to
come together, but it is the most wonderful thing when we can
stand shoulder to shoulder and support our Veterans, that are
fighting for our Freedom today.
We are getting stronger everyday;  God knows where this will
lead to in the future.
We need to thank Bronco, Ebay, and Darkhorse, for what they
have done.  Hopefully we can get together, over the whole state
of Kansas, and give them the thanks they deserve, one of these
days.  Great job guys.
Freedom is not free and it's getting harder everyday.  Keep up
the good work and don't forget our Iraq Veterans need help
when they come home.  You Vietnam Veterans know what I
mean; some of us are still paying the price.
Lets pull this country together.  Be proud of the Veterans and
their families in our country, they're the ones who give us the
privilege, to live in the country.
God Bless the USA
Richard (Stubs) Soden