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Patriot Guard/ALR

Letter From Russell and Susan Miller

To the Kansas Patriot Guard,

PFC Chad Marsh, lost in battle recently in Baghdad, was a cherished
best friend to our son and nearly like one of our own kids. The loss
of Chad has been intense to say the least, and the sorrow we feel
will not go away any time soon. We wanted to pass along our thanks,
however, for the caring and involvement of your organization as Chad
came home. Your dedication to serving the families of these
tremendous heroes goes a long way to helping families heal as you
give the fallen the pride and respect they so greatly deserve.

God Bless each of you as you continue to serve in the Kansas Patriot
Guard. Your willingness to give of your time and resources is a
tremendous blessing to the families of those you honor.


Russell & Susan Miller
Wichita, KS
Parents of Pvt. Kenneth Miller, 5-1 Cav, 1/25th Stryker Brigade
Combat Team