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Letter from Zach Stilson

Currently serving in Iraq

Yes I'm currently serving in Iraq. I want to say thank you for everything y'all are doing for our fallen and injured brother in arms. We appreciate the thank yous and hand shakes more than a lot of people realize. From a soldier to vets, it's really nice to see a group of folks finally take a stand against Fred Phelps. I was born and raised in Topeka Kansas. When I came home on R & R, I saw all the signs against soldiers and hatred towards America. Yeah, I saw them before I left to, but it was different when I was coming back from a place like Iraq. Over here he would be shot on the spot for even denouncing Iraq or even God himself. Only in America can someone denounce the government and it's soldiers. It's a true shame that it is allowed but then that is what soldiers have fought for over 200 plus years. Again from a soldier to a soldier, and family and friends thank you again, and I may not be able to do much but I will keep y'all in our prayers.